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Bachar Chayah means Choose Life in the Hebrew. This is my personal blog of choosing life day by day to regain my physical and spiritual health. I have a myriad of physical issues that I believe are due to poor nutritional habits in our refined foods and too much time enjoying technology instead of spending more time outdoors.

(Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and do not pretend to be. These writings are simply my opinions and research found through various sources, usually referenced. These are ideas that have helped me and others I know, but I have no guarantee as to your outcome, if you so choose to try them.)

Before that, I went though a period of "unhealthy thinking" that left me an easy target for the enemy and cruel people. Strange how people who are sick in their minds tend to zone in on who will accept their abuse. It actually makes them feel good to unleash their fury on us, while it spirals us further down into depression or believing lies such as we are not good enough to be loved.

That was a long time ago. Now I am very content, but it was not an overnight miracle. Instead it took very hard work of battling for my mind, through Scripture, song, and wisdom of how to think and how to fight. I had to retrain my mind and then take up the armor and fight. I built up my arsenal and trained with my weapons. When the enemy struck I was ready. I prevailed, so can you!

(Disclaimer: I do not suggest you should allow you or your children to remain in a dangerous situation, whether the person is abusive toward you or abusing drugs/alcohol, etc. You must have boundaries to protect your family from evil behavior.) 

I will share with you my favorite resources, Scriptures, songs, quotes, etc. Trying to always find a way to make the resources free, so that no matter your financial situation, you can find freedom in Christ.

There are many biblical teachers out there who I find to be unsound. They overly focus on one area of the Word instead of teaching it in context. They like to spoon feed the masses a lot of fluff and promises of blessings, without teaching the hard sayings or that all the promises are conditional and don't guarantee financial blessings or else all our siblings who are persecuted should have so much more than we have ever had, but that is not the case. They understand they are building up their treasure in heaven!

Choose Life and Truth, Giulianna xoxoxo

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