Thursday, January 2, 2014

Untangling the Root Causes - Fear, Anger, Anxiety: Part 1

Battle for my Mind: The root cause of fear, anger, and anxiety.
When we begin to deal with the baggage which holds us down, we sometimes find that there is a root that goes deeper than we had ever realized.

Let's talk about fear. Some people say FEAR means:




I am not here to say fear itself is ridiculous. God created our emotions for a purpose. Fear is one of them. Fear can save your life. When used appropriately it sets off our fight or flight response.

Let's say you hear a rattle, you look down, and you see a rattlesnake is not far from you. This discharges your sympathetic nervous system, which triggers adrenaline. Now you react with fight or flight, depending on how you perceive the danger and your ability to handle it. This is a legitimate use of fear as an emotion. It is a good thing. So let's not make all fear out as evil.

However, fear can also become debilitating.

Here is when fear becomes a problem. I have an organic garden which I love. It is dying from lack of water. I cannot go out and water it because I might run into a rattlesnake again. Is my fear legitimate? Yes and no. There is always a possibility I could run into a snake again, so it is not completely unfounded.

However, that organic garden gave me healthy food for my body and the joy of working hand in hand with God to make things grow. My fear is robbing me of joy and life. Something that protected me in a crisis has now turned on me and maimed me. It has paralyzed me. Guess what? This is a true story. I was bitten by a rattlesnake, in my own driveway. I have killed rattlesnakes when I was out in the mountains and there was a pair of them near me. Yet, to this day, I have never had one attack me in my garden.

Now what can I do? I can hide in my house the rest of my life, because there is always a possibility of a snake being outside. However, that robs me of my life and joy. When I live in fear, I am choosing death. And what is the root of fear? "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have [it] more abundantly." [1]

Do you know who the thief is? Who wants to steal, kill, and destroy your life? Who wants you to choose death?

Even legitimate fears can destroy our lives if we don't find a way to put them in check. God created you with a mind which is capable of great things, even creation of ideas and solutions.

A snake in my garden, what can I do? If I truly cannot get past this idea, then how about snake guards for my legs and leather gloves for my hands? Now I have on a type of armor as I go out in my garden and can enjoy the healthy joy and life it brings me. Eventually, I will probably not take the time to put on my snake guards, as I slowly overcome the fear step by step, unless snakes in my yard are truly a serious issue. For me, touching snakes did not fix the fear, only enhanced it. So work with a solution which your mind can accept. Often there is not one right solution for all people. We are individuals. I would like you to take a moment to figure out which things are destroying your ability to choose life and then join me for Part 2.

Until then, choose life! Giulianna xoxoxox

  1. John 10:10

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