Monday, February 10, 2014

Battle for My Mind: Dealing with Life on Life's Terms

Reality Check! Dealing with Life on Life's Terms!
Reality Check! For me, this is essential. When I get into "wishful thinking" mode, I tend to self-sabotage my best laid plans. I am not Sally, the Olympic Gymnast, nor am I Mary, the Health Nut. Sure, I want to be those things ***WARNING - WISHFUL THINKING ALERT***, but I am not.

So here is an example of a reality check for me. I want to be in fine fettle and this includes eating healthier foods for my body type. What I would like to do is get up every morning and whip up a gourmet breakfast of the best fruits/veges, nuts, eggs, etc. You know, a powerhouse of nutrition. Meeting my body's every need.

Thus, I plan it out. The next morning I awaken and guess what? Six days out of seven I don't want to prepare healthy food and I am too groggy to play willpower games, as I am sure to be the loser. I am not a morning person. Yes, I get up most mornings at 4:30 AM, but stay out of my path at least for the first hour, as I slowly wake-up. I don't want to talk, I just want to contemplate whatever occupies my mind. The witty me is not awake yet, nor is the sweet me. Grouchetta and I battle for my mind, as I attempt to take every thought captive.

So I put off eating until I "feel" like preparing healthy food, but then REALITY comes storming in like she owns the place. My stomach acid begins churning a mean dance. I am going to end up very sick if I don't eat something and eat it "how soon is now." 

Oh look! There is something convenient to just pop in my mouth to calm the erupting volcano. So I try to placate the fierce acid gods by feeding them a handful of my family's junk cereal that my husband demands we keep in the house. And my self-sabotage cycle begins. I know once I have eaten my personal, forbidden foods, why even try to be healthy today? We will start again tomorrow and you know how often tomorrow comes.

Why, why, why? Why would I do this to myself, time and again? Good question. Now we can deal with reality.  
What are my facts, not my *wishful thinking*?

☑  I am not a morning person, even though reality dictates I get up early.
☑  I crave convenience food in the morning.
☑  I tend to want something sweet and made of grain.
☑  I will not whip up a gourmet breakfast six days out of seven.

Now that I am dealing with reality, I can come up with a solution that is workable. It may not be my fantasy idea of how my morning should go, but it will be a better foot forward than my wishful thinking.

Paleo Breakfast Gingerbread
Here is an example of my solution. For my body type I need to cut out most grains and refined carbohydrates. There is a recipe for this delicious grain-free breakfast bread that I can alter in a few ways to come up with different flavors. I make it twice a week and I have my "convenience food" ready to eat, before the god of hunger demands tribute.

This breakfast bread is "naturally" sweet, low in carbs, and has a decent amount of nutrition. I also use it when I am craving a bread or sweet type product during the day, as a snack that makes the willpower battle less difficult.

That my friends is dealing with life on life's terms in just one small area of my life, but I hope you can see how dealing with the truth/facts, even when we don't like them, can help us find real solutions to implement in any area of our life. That is healthy thinking and how we win more battles for our mind.

Choose Life, Giulianna xoxoxox

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